Roof Cleaning Tips

Most homeowners are not sure of what’s on your roof that makes it look so unclean and dirty. After sometimes you can notice a lot of stains and different growths, making it look dirtier. The same dirt and stain that you have noticed in other buildings while driving the car. Isn’t it?

Are you wondering how these stains and dirt suddenly grown on your roof? Well! The answer is very simple. It takes water, food and air to give a ground for the development of dirt and stain on your roofs. Depending on the materials used in the making of roofs, the amount and kind of stains and dirt get an entry on your roofs. Mostly shaded portions of roof become dirtier as they hold moisture in large quantity and remain unclean for a longer period of time. It is also because they don’t have an access to direct sunlight.

Stains damage your roofs. It is quite true and practical. Many times, moss may eat at least two layers of shingles into the wood underlayment. If you have black algae, it means the surface of your roof is in danger as it may eat the shingle granules and spread all over the roof. Look closely into the infected side and you may find clear signs of algae. If damaged, you may have to replace the entire roof with new shingles and buy costly specialized products that ensure the proper maintenance of the roof.

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